Journal Articles
December 2015 ‘‘Ego Sum Margarita Olim Scotorum Regina’: St Margaret and the Idea of the Scottish Nation in Walter Bower’s ScotichroniconMedievalia et Humanistica 41 (2015), pp. 65–79

April 2014 ‘‘He wald have fukkit’: Sex and courtly love in the poetry of William Dunbar’ Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language (Peer-reviewed)

November 2013 ‘‘I will spout a jet of blood in your face’: Women’s words in the Tain Bo Cualinge, its pre-tales and the ‘Fingal Ronan’’ Postgraduate English Journal (Durham. Professionally-reviewed)

Winter 2013 ‘What Women Want: Female Readers of Virgil’s Aeneid in the Middle Ages’ eSharp 21 (Peer-reviewed)

Forthcoming ‘The Proper Place for a Queen?: St Margaret of Scotland at Dunfermline Abbey’ Guelph Series in Scottish Studies


Book Reviews
‘Tom Turpie, Kind Neighbours: Scottish Saints and Society in the Later Middle Ages’, Journal of the Northern Renaissance [online] (2016)

‘Rosalind Marshall, Mary Queen of Scots: ‘In my end is my beginning’’, International Review of Scottish Studies 41 (2016)

‘Catherine Keene, Saint Margaret, Queen of the Scots: A Life in Perspective’, International Review of Scottish Studies 40 (2015)

‘Eva von Contzen, The Scottish Legendary: Towards a Poetics of Hagiographic Narration’, Medievalia et Humanistica (Forthcoming)